27 September 2011

Free Web Brouser Specially Designed For kids

There is always a safer side in everything we do, if your take Google search, we have search for kids(under 12). but the thing is we cannot be watching or spying our kids all the time. Internet is like a huge ocean,when your kid uses the regular web browser you eventually your child's innocent click may fell directly on adults sites. so how can we avoid this happening?

"Kidzui" is free web browser,search engine and online play ground for kids 3-12.
kids have the freedom to learn,play,search and discover over the 2 million games,websites,videos and photos on their own."Kidzui" has the largest number of games,websites,videos and photos reviewed by parents and teachers anywhere kids can find what they need to help with school work. by themselves.

kids safely express themselves,with their zui. backgrounds,tags and online status kidzui eliminates the need for parents to constantly watch over their kids shoulder' when they are online.

Parents know what their kids are doing online and they can connect by sharing content.kidzui sends weekly email that tells you what your kids are doing online.The kidzui parents account lets you share content and set limits.


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