21 September 2011

Hot-keys | Keyboard shortcuts for Facebook!!

Well, I am one of those people who like to the tech stuff with more geeky way ! So , its a compulsion in there to use HOT-KEYS when using any program ! When I use Facebook , its easier for me to do a lot of stuff which takes a lot more time to common people ! Today I am sharing with you those TIPS and TRICKS ! Gime a moment and read them.

Google Chrome

Alt+M Send new message,Opens up facebook new message box Alt+/ Move Cursor to Search Box Alt+1 View Home Page(News Feed) Alt+2 View Profile Page Alt+3 Accept or Decline Friend Requests Alt+4 Open Message Page Alt+5 Open Notification Bar Alt+6 View Account Settings Alt+7 View Privacy Settings Alt+8 View Facebook Fan Page Alt+9 Read the Facebook Terms of Service അഗ്രീമെന്റ്


Shift+Alt+M Send new message,Opens up Facebook new message box Shift+Alt+/ Move Cursor to Search Box Shift+Alt+1 View Home Page(News Feed) Shift+Alt+2 View Profile Page Shift+Alt+3 Accept or Decline Friend Requests Shift+Alt+4 Open Message Page Shift+Alt+5 Open Notification Bar Shift+Alt+6 View Account Settings Shift+Alt+7 View Privacy Settings Shift+Alt+8 View Facebook Fan Page Shift+Alt+9 Read the Facebook Terms of Service Agreement

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  1. Chromil shortcuts oke change ayenna thonnunne.. alt+1to5 not there 6to 9 vereyaa..